2021 TEAM

“As a veteran of 26 years of teaching I’ve had the pleasure of working with many amazing young people. I am always looking for opportunities to showcase and highlight these individuals and their talents. My greatest reward as a teacher comes from seeing the students I’ve taught grow to be successful, dedicated members of society. ”

As a Kung Fu Master, I have found that mastering the art requires a couple things. Kung Fu actually means “time” and “effort”. Any art can be mastered by providing the appropriate amount of time and the correct effort. I would love to share what I can, so others too may learn.

Logistics Coordinator
“I’m currently a Junior in the Global Ecology Program at Poolesville. In my free time, I love to run, read, and bake. I’ve watched many TED and TEDx Talks in my spare time, so when I came across an opportunity to help put one on, I was extremely excited.”

Logistics Coordinator
“I’m a Senior in the SMCS Program at Poolesville. I really like TEDx because it gives everyone a chance to speak on something they’re really passionate about. In my free time, I love to hike, play video games, and hang out with friends!”

Event Planner
“I’m a Junior in the Global Ecology Program at Poolesville. I spend a lot of my time swimming, but I also love volunteering and spending time outside. TED talks have really helped me throughout life, giving me new perspectives and new ways to think. After attending another TEDx event, I was really moved and really wanted to take part in this one!”

Event Planner
“I’m a Senior in the Global Ecology Program. I wanted to help put on this event because I knew I could use my skills I’ve developed as the student director and stage manager of Poolesville’s theatre program, but I’m excited because I’ve always watched TED talks in my free time. Aside from watching TED talks, I also enjoy making art and going on hikes.”

Event Host
“My name is Brianna Akuamoah-Boateng but most people just call me Bri! I am currently a Freshman at Poolesville and I’m in the Global Ecology Program. I wanted to join this event because I believe cultivating environments that help promote discussion is important! Plus, I really like watching TED Talks! Also in my free time, I like doing arts and crafts, researching history, or just being outside!”

Event Host
“I’m a Freshman in Global Ecology. I have a ferret, Edward, he goes with me everywhere. I love to help my community, I’m currently part of the Junior Fire Brigade. But in my freetime I do gymnastics and love to bake, my favorite dessert to bake are Fruit Tarts! I remember being in elementary school and watching Tedx videos with my brother and afterwards quizzing each other over it. Watching Tedx videos has been a part of my life since elementary school, which is why it is an honor for me to be part of a hardworking team and this event as event host.”

Media Content Manager
“I’m a Junior in the Global Ecology Program at Poolesville High School. I wanted to be a part of this event because it was a unique opportunity for me to safely expand beyond my comfort zone. As I have never been on the organizing side of an event before, I decided (a bit nervously) that I would take this opportunity to try something new and see what happens!
Surprisingly, something that is within my comfort zone is doing backflips on a four inch piece of wood and swinging around a set of uneven bars. I’m a Level 10 gymnast at Hills Gymnastics and yes, before you ask, I can do a cartwheel. Outside of gymnastics, in the my free time, you’ll find me either inside with a hot coffee, my bullet journal, my crochet projects, and possibly one of the seven Harry Potter books; out on a long family hike or bike ride; or just chillin’ in my kitchen listening to some tunes and making a chocolate cake.”

Media Content Manager
“I’m a Junior in SMCS. I enjoy playing violin in chamber groups and orchestras. Even after twelve years, performing solo still stresses me out. In my free time I enjoy listening to podcasts and trying out new drinks (I love tea); I’m also admittedly a nerd for graphic design. I’m excited to contribute to the first ever TEDx event at Poolesville!”

Video Production Manager
“I’m a Junior in the Global Ecology program at Poolesville High School. I’ve found TED talks to be unique and impactful, and I’m interested in film and editing, so this was a great opportunity to blend those interests and help out with this event. I enjoy playing golf, gardening, and learning about filmmaking.”

Video Production Manager
“I’m a Junior in Humanities. I love playing volleyball, biking, and spending as much time as I can with my friends. In my free time, I love to video edit and produce films for my friends and for school. I am beyond excited to partake in an event like this and utilize my skills to create something amazing! I chose to volunteer as a video production member for TEDx because I want to be able to apply my personal hobbies and talent in order to help communicate the ideas and the passion of students. I am an advocate for making your voice heard and I will by any means support those who are as well.”